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Under what circumstances should the crane hook be replaced?[Back to previous page]

Under what circumstances should the crane hook be replaced?


The hook of the small crane is a must for our work, because we must use the hook to lift our heavy objects directly, but if the crane has problems, then we will scrap it, because if the hook is damaged, it will directly lead to the damage of our goods, and even threaten our lives.

Small crane hook can be divided into two kinds of single hook and double hook according to its shape; And according to the different manufacturing process, it can be divided into three kinds of piece hook, forging hook casting hook. At present, the common hook for forging single hook, casting hook on the crane is not allowed to use hook widely made of low carbon steel and carbon alloy steel, in order to solve the problem of resistance and crack.

In order to ensure safety, the hooks should be inspected and scrapped immediately when one of the following conditions is found.

1. The hooks and rings used in the hoisting operation of small cranes shall have smooth surfaces and shall not have cracks, peeling, nicks, acute angles, joints and cracks;

2. Hooks and rings are not allowed to exceed the load;

3, the hook should be able to rotate flexibly; No hooks and rings after repair welding are allowed to be used;

4. The deflection Angle of the small crane hook should not exceed 10°;

5. When the hook is connected with the heavy lifting ring, the position and force of the hook must meet the requirements;

6. The positioning bolt, cotter pin and nut above thrust bearing of the hook are secured and connected reliably;

7. When the small crane ring is used, it must be subjected to vertical force, and transverse force is strictly prohibited;

8. The thread of the lifting ring must be tightened during rotation to prevent the lifting object from falling off due to loosening;

9. When two lifting rings are used at the same time, the Angle between the two lifting torus shall not be greater than 90°.

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